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Age. 16
Gender. Female
Location here, Afghanistan
School. Florida Gulf Coast Univ
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woo im home!!
Monday, 7/28/03 - 3:44 pm
just got home from a long week and a half in the windy city---chicago for those of you who are too stupid to know that..i think our softball team for in the top 15 outta like 120 teams in the nationals..i think...im not promising anything..but lets see..we went to the sear's tower, the john hancock building, shedd aquarium, the museum of science and industry, the field museum, medieval times, and we stayed at the Hilton hotel, where queen elizabeth once stayed..haha..bet you're jealous..i know you are..ahh anywayz..we didn't get home til like 3am and i woke up at like 3pm..haha..should've slept in longer..oh well...anywayz..that's enough talking for me..for now anywayz..i'll be back..muhahaha!!!!

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mmm yummmm
Monday, 6/30/03 - 11:46 am
ok im in a better mood now...i had my chocolate donuts for the day...and im now starting on my third snickers bar..muhahaha!! oh yeah..the only bad thing that went wrong this weekend...is i reskinned half the skin off my left leg...not fun...not a pretty sight either..reskinned hmm...well i can't think of anything else that you dopeheads might find interesting..im really not an interesting person..so i'll just go back to sleep now..

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big BIG titty!!!
Thursday, 6/19/03 - 11:32 pm
ok...i am thoroughly and totally pissed off right now....my mom is STILL trying to get me to switch schools..which im not gonna fuckin do..so she can just suck my big slimy dick...ok so she might have a little trouble doing that..but i think you can see what the point of saying that was...ok now im just blabbering...i have terets now too...just so you all know... yep...im just gonna go eat now or something...argh...life stinks...it really truly does..i think im gonna go kill someone...really...betta watch your back door...

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Sunday, 6/15/03 - 4:24 pm
mm hmm..i see how it is..you'll only leave stupid little comments for me on HERE..but you won't talk to me on aim..hmph!

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guess this emotion
Sunday, 6/15/03 - 4:16 pm
im fuckin bored...and quite pissed off..argh!

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Saturday, 6/14/03 - 9:55 pm
umm..im really bored..and there ain't nothin to do round here so im gonna pretend im a hippie or something..lol..hmm yes..stop laughing at me..it's not my fault..

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